January 3, 2019

Travel Credit Cards

It is a type of credit card which offers various benefits if you are a frequent traveller. Unlike Airline credit cards, travel credit cards offers lucrative offers on travel packages including hotels booking, air tickets, dining, transfers etc.

Frequent traveller always try to get discounts by searching on Google Gift coupons, promo codes etc, and if you have a travel credit card then the chances are high that you get a promo code for 10-60% discounts on flight, hotel or cabs booking. A travel card is the best for exclusive discounts that can actually save your travel bills. You may also get complimentary flight tickets or one or two night hotel stay depending upon the type of travel card you have. Since the benefits of these cards are very good, however, there are some very important things you need to consider before applying one for you. A travel credit card comes with processing fees, annual maintenance fees and other terms & conditions. Therefore, it is advised to go through the nitty gritty before applying for one.